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Mitigate the potential risks of using mobile business communications with our unique solution for text message archiving and monitoring.

Smarsh Mobile Archiving

Smarsh offers the only SMS archiving solution that works for any combination of device, OS, carrier, plan and ownership model (employer issued or BYOD). This includes capturing text messages directly from leading mobile carriers.

Captured text messages are automatically indexed, and securely and reliably retained within the Smarsh archive. These messages are available for quick, on-demand search, review and production alongside all other supported electronic communication types. Our solution also features flexible deployment options to address the unique needs of your environment.

Key Features of Smarsh Text Message Archiving

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Direct Carrier capture

For organizations looking to archive content from Smarsh mobile carrier partners, Smarsh captures mobile content directly from the carrier network. API-driven, automated ingestion enables your organization to meet its regulatory requirements.

Message threading & attachments

Messages are automatically indexed during ingestion into the archive and are threaded so conversations can be easily supervised and viewed in proper context.

BYOD support & number porting

For organizations with employee-owned devices, Smarsh has solutions to address various message archiving scenarios, including separate business phone numbers accessed via an app on a user's personal device.

Automated provisioning

Mobile provisioning can be done on an individual device or or across all devices, and can be attributed to the name and email address of the employee.

External archiver support

Smarsh solutions have options to capture mobile content and send it to an existing archive, or archive it in our integrated, compliant Connected Archive depending on your needs.

MMS and SMS Support

The full range of message types is covered by our capture capabilities though direct carrier relationships, so you can archive your communications with all the components they had when they were originally sent.

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Supported Mobile platforms:

How Smarsh can help meet your mobile archiving needs