Social Media Capture, Archiving and Compliance Solutions

Designed to empower your organisation to engage across a wide range of social media channels, from Tweets to LinkedIn inbox messages, your content is easy to access, review, and produce on demand—and in accordance with regulatory compliance guidance.

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Say Yes to New Social Media Tools

Employees are constantly seeking to use the latest and greatest social platforms and collaboration tools. Until now, many organisations have been faced with the trade-off of enabling user productivity versus ensuring that social media can be captured and archived to meet compliance objectives.

With Smarsh, social media conversations are archived alongside all other supported content types in proper context, regardless of where, when, and how they are generated. You can move forward with the communication tools you need knowing your compliance needs are covered and other risks are mitigated. Our control capabilites also provide real-time remediation, moderation and alerting for key channels.


Key Features of Smarsh Social Media Archiving

Empower and enable your workforce to drive business forward


Direct source capture & control

Social media platforms are supported through capture direct from the source, through APIs. Social Media content is captured and retained in its native format, with chain of custody preserved. The Control App can be added to certain social channels.

Message threading & attachments

Message threading shows messages in their original context. Files, photos and videos are displayed as part of the messages, as they were originally sent.

Profile enablement

Social media profiles can be enabled for an individual or whole organisation and include user acceptance status updates.

Identity management

Smarsh archiving solutions support an automated provisioning workflow using Active Directory synchronization and identity management tools.

Any device, location or network

Social conversations are captured regardless of a user’s device, location or network so employees can continue to work on the go and maintain compliance.

External archiver support

Smarsh clients have options to capture social content and send it to an existing archive, or archive it in our integrated, compliant Connected Archive depending on your needs.

Capture it all

Supported Social Media platforms:

How Smarsh can help meet your social media archiving needs