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Smarsh Voice Archiving

Whether for regulatory compliance or internal policy reasons, there is value in ensuring all types of employee communications are recorded and actively supervised. Smarsh directly captures Vodafone mobile call recording and enables analysis of the voice communications to assist clients with meeting their compliance obligations.


Key Features of Smarsh Voice Archiving

Empower and enable your workforce to drive business forward


Integration with leading mobile carriers

Smarsh supports 'in-network' direct, API-driven capture of Vodafone voice, SMS and MMS messaging content to provide secure, reliable recording with no impact on user experience.

Any device or location

Vodafone voice conversations are captured regardless of a user’s device or location so employees can continue to work on the go and maintain compliance.

Advanced search

Once voice communications have been captured and archived, transcription tools enable them to be indexed and searched like all your other text-based communications.

Granular policies

Customizable policies examine specific keywords and phrases to understand the context of communications, reduce false-positive search results and enable you efficiently to fulfill your supervision requirements.

Non-disruptive solution

Our voice solutions do not require organizations to change networks, SIMs or handsets, or to update non-compliant handset applications.


Single vendor

In addition to voice content, Smarsh captures and archives 80+ electronic communication channels across email, IM & collaboration, mobile, social and web to reduce the need for multiple vendors to meet your compliance obligations.

Capture it all

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