True compliance review
for your website

Maintain a detailed and comprehensive history of changes to your website. Smarsh web archiving instantly captures revisions, documents, links to third-party content, and interactive posts/threads without losing their context or functionality.

Smarsh Web Archiving

There are widespread regulatory requirements to capture web history across a range of industries, but many organizations are still relying on outdated tools and spot checks to stay compliant. You can close the gaps in your risk perimeter, increase productivity and reduce the burden on your team with Web Archive from Smarsh.

Have confidence that your webpages are securely archived, complete and legally admissible. Website content is indexed when archived and reliably retained in its original form where it can be easily accessed for e-discovery and ad-hoc searches.

Key Features of Smarsh Web Archiving

Empower and enable your workforce to drive business forward


Comprehensive, automatic capture

You can archive a single web page, or capture your entire website and linked third-party content, to satisfy your regulatory requirements and internal oversight policies.


You can customize the frequency and the number of pages archived, and choose whether you want a screenshot or dynamic replay of your site.

Multiple export & download options

Web archives can be securely downloaded to a PC, encrypted and saved to a portable media device, or imported into a third-party legal review platform.

Data security & time stamping

Each archived page is time-stamped and stored unaltered in its original format. Our Web Archive product is delivered with top-tier security, management and operational controls.

Advanced search & page comparison

Web Archive comes with lightening-fast search that returns results within seconds as well as multiple page comparison options across two selected dates.
API driven Capture

Dynamic website reconstruction

Users benefit from our live browsing feature to view websites dynamically reconstructed as if they were still live and see how the site looked on a specific date. Views are fully interactive.

Capture it all

Supported websites:

How Smarsh can help meet your web archiving needs