CA Data Protection (Orchestria) Safe Landing Program

Migrate from CA Data Protection to Smarsh in 5 easy steps.

Migration made easy

CA Data Protection (formerly Orchestria) no longer offers product enhancements and will reach end-of-life in June 2019. Is your organization at risk?

The Smarsh CA Data Protection Safe Landing Program enables organizations to transition easily while continuing to meet today’s supervisory requirements. Starting with a CA Data Protection Health Check, we provide policy migration tools, annual service credits and complementary training programs to get you up and running smoothly with your new Smarsh solution. Our Connected Archive Platform is built for control, extensibility and scale. Its seamlessly integrated Supervision App comes equipped with highly configurable policies and the ability to feed downstream surveillance and analytics applications, so you lose none of the functionality of CA Data Protection and can make any improvements necessary to optimize your supervision process.

CA Data Protection Health Check

How we can help – Assessing the health of your current system

Smarsh makes the transition easy with our CA Data Protection Health Check for organizations considering a migration. We start with a 4-hour interactive workshop to kick-start your migration planning. Included in the Health Check are the following assessments:

Managing a successful migration in 5 easy steps

Smarsh is here to help your migration go smoothly with our 5 Step Safe Landing Program. You can migrate everything from CA Data Protection (Orchestria) exactly as it is, or refine and improve your current system, policies and hierarchy structure to optimize your supervision process.


  • Preserve Supervision Data and History
  • Understand User Hierarchies
  • Assess Detection Policies
  • Examine Current Review Workflows
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Reporting

We partner with you


Keeping control of cost

Annual service credits

We provide service credits to offset the cost of data migration and work efficiently to get you up and running with the Smarsh solution.


Complementary training programs

Optimizing use of the product

Further to your migration, we provide training for end users and supervisory staff led by Smarsh’s team of CA Data Protection experts, so you can make the most of your new product and increase the efficiency and accuracy in your review process.


Migrating to a modern, extensible architecture

The Smarsh Connected Archive & Connected Apps

The Smarsh Connected Archive is designed for today’s communications. Unlike legacy email archives, it preserves full conversational context across all communication channels and enables all communications to be viewed in a single, integrated interface. It captures any form of structured or unstructured content. Built for control, extensibility and scale, the archive meets the most demanding data security, privacy and compliance requirements. The seamlessly integrated Supervision App provides is equipped with a full set highly specialized capabilities, including customizable policies, to ensure that nothing is lost in your migration. The Supervision App is built into the Connected Archive’s extensible architecture, enabling it to feed downstream surveillance applications.

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