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Smarsh supervision tools are crucial to proactive risk monitoring and review, and to help maximize your compliance team’s productivity.

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An effective supervision workflow is key to satisfying regulatory requirements and mitigating risk within your organization. The Supervision App from Smarsh ensures you're covered.

Whether you're seeking an intuitive, simple supervision solution with one-click review functionality, escalation queues and built-in audit trails, or a fully customizable supervision solution with complex policies and rich reporting that has been proven at scale, the Supervision App is your comprehensive, compliant solution.

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Superveillance: Tracking the High-Risk Brokers

Embrace content surveillance: uncovering high-risk broker activities may very well exceed the limits of traditional lexicon and keyword-driven review policies. Content surveillance allows firms to dig deeper into the discovery of patterns, anomalies, and additional actors that may have avoided existing supervisory filters.


Supervision: Adapting to the Present & Preparing for the Future

Modern business communication is changing more rapidly than it ever has before, both in scope and complexity. Not only are there more channels available than at any point in history, but they each offer unique benefits and supervisory drawbacks — and organizations of all shapes and sizes are scrambling to ensure their review efforts are up to snuff.

Blog post

Superveillance: Producing Integrated Insights Into Conduct

Superveillance encompasses the compliance fundamentals of policy management and storage, to the ability to use behavioral and sentiment analysis to uncover actions of high-risk brokers requiring heightened supervision. Very importantly, the outcomes in uncovering unknown risks should be fed back to build into new policies and rules for use in future supervisory tasks.

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